Tourism / Sapanca

Sapanca Area 46 km ² (SOPHO / Ayan) north-south length of the lake 17 km., 6 km from the widest part. 'Dir. By the TEM motorway exit of Sapanca lake Sapanca is reached. While an extension of the Gulf of Izmit in Marmara Sea, the lake has turned into yığılmalarla. Sapanca Lake, sources at the bottom of the lake is fed by small streams descending from the mountains. Rivers feeding the lake's southern shore, from east to west Arifiye, Goat (Kurucesme), Istanbul, Mahmudiya, Kurtköy, Burns, with the northern part of the rivers Kuruçay the Hell Stallion, Altıkuruş, Çakalöldü, Mining, Dry, Port, Esme, Hazelnut, Tuzla, Çiftepınar, Balıkhane Streams. The altitude of 31.5 m. The deepest point the lake is 61 m. and the coastal length of 39 km. 'dir. The lake and its surroundings because it contains a striking richness of the natural environment, particularly in Istanbul and close to a center where people use for day or weekend breaks. Sapanca addition, each year in June at the International Poetry Evenings are held on the banks of Lake Sapanca. Sapanca Lake, is also very suitable for water sports. National and international rowing, sailing and surfing competitions are carried out. Which is famous for trout and carp in the lake is also broadcast, pike, freshwater fish species such as chub and crayfish are also available.