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District of Adapazari


Kaynarca and counties north of the town of Adapazari Söğütlü, Kocaeli-Kandira northwest district, west of the Kocaeli, and Arifiye Serdivan southwest counties, south and southeast Erenler county, counties located in the east ditch and Akyazi. Adapazari is a market area of ​​the village of a few hundred years ago today, in 1573' Ada' A village named, in 1646 the township, in 1658 Akyazi' or a village in the kadılık in 1692, the township in 1742, town and district in 1837. Sakarya region of the Ottoman Empire' Of the Classical Period' In the Ottoman Empire and the 1831 Census' Sefid in the State of Algeria-i Bahr-i' Livas, depending on what is contained in Kocaeli. Livas 1846 Kocaeli State Salname' Of the Kastamonu Province in this period' Depends on what. Provincial Regulations 1867' In Adapazari is' And is connected to the ensign of Kocaeli' Of the Province of Hüdavendigâr, what you are connected. 1877 State of the Adapazari and Geyve Salname' Mutasarrıflığı the Izmit' Depends on to Istanbul and Izmit Mutasarrıflığı directly Müşirliği Law Enforcement' Depends on what. 1892 State Salname, Kocaeli ensign' Of Adapazari during this period with an independent and Geyve sancaktır, Kocaeli is an independent starboard. 1899 State Salname' Geyve accidents, according to the Sapanca and Adapazari, and ditch Akyazi township, regardless of Kocaeli is to starboard. 1903' In Accident Kandira this township' Separated from the Karasu added. Accident Geyve the same period' Of the nafs-i Geyve township, Akhisar and Scratching' Is. Law dated 22.06.1954 Adapazari province of Kocaeli has been separated from the central towns of the province of Sakarya became an independent province. No. 5747 adopted on March 6, 2008' District Municipality within the boundaries of the Law on the Establishment and Amendment of Certain Laws' Flour, 26 824 and 22 March 2008 in the Official Gazette dated' Into effect after being published in conjunction with the Central District of Adapazari, Adapazari, Arifiye, Erenler Reorganized as the districts and Serdivan. County population is 231 204 people Adapazari with this last amendment, the 11 778' I (5.1%' I) in the villages, 219 426' Cases (94.9%' U) lives in the town center. There are 26 villages in 59 districts due to the district.

Turkish period prior to the first settlements around Adapazari, Serdivan Hill, Esentepe higher positions, such as the accusation made, it aimed to protect flood settlements. Settlement came to the plains of the Ottoman Empire began to settle in the fertile lands in the forest cover to commit koyulmuşlardır opening. Meanwhile, XVI. century onwards, which today form the core of the city, and at that time' Ada' or' Adaköy' known that the presence of a village called. The island city on the previous centuries, the city of today's market place has developed as a village, recently started trying and Adapazari. The last part of the name of Adapazari, established as the place before settling on a Sunday, the first part of the name refers to the location of the establishment of this market. Sakarya ones from the East instead of Sunday' T pass, while those coming from the west Çarksuyun' U remains obliged to overcome, Sunday here inspire an impression of the place surrounded by water' Ada' yakıştırılmasına name has caused. The situation of the market place, right here XIX.yüzyıla had begun to make a commercial center. Adapazari several vendors in the market place today, was established in the neighborhood üslendiği cuts from the marketplace, as the name of city living and the state passed a city documents: HASIRCILAR, Papuçcular, Tığcılar, the War of Independence, such as Çıracılar district and neighborhoods.

Adapazari, fires and earthquakes in various dates (1943 and 1967'), It has re-established, and devastated the city after the former appearance of some neighborhoods and bazaars have changed dramatically. City primarily, through the center of the south-north direction, developed along a street. The different names in different periods and' Old Kandira / Banks / Sakarya Street' /' Ataturk Boulevard' called such names and official buildings are located in this part of the most vibrant area of ​​the main bazaar. After the 1967 earthquake in the city at the same place again, loose alluvial soil near the surface, ie the establishment of groundwater level in the earthquake of August 17, 1999 resulted in the destruction of the city greatly. A change in the city of Adapazari after the 1999 earthquake occurred in the city's status has been acquired and the status of the Metropolitan Adapazari. And 2007 census population of the city in this state, Istanbul and Bursa in the Marmara Region' From the third-largest city in the next state.

Monuments in the district of Adapazari:

Harmantepe Castle [Adapazari-Harmantepe Village]
İkizce Village (Roman necropolis) Archaeological Sites [Adapazari-İkizce Village]
Maltepe Fund and tile Tombs [Adapazari-Central]
Poyrazlar Lake and its Environment Natural Sites [Adapazari-Poyrazlar Village]
Central Long Bazaar Urban Sites [Adapazari-Central]
Çatalköprü [Adapazari-knots Village]
Bridge railing / Suns Bridge / Sakarya Bridge [Adapazari-Central]
Public House [Adapazari-Central]
Sakarya Museum (Ataturk House) [Adapazari-Central]
Ataturk's Secondary School [Adapazari-Central]
Earthquake Museum [Adapazari-Central]
Orhan Mosque [Adapazari-Central]
Central Mosque [Adapazari-Central]
Aga Mosque [Adapazari-Central]
New Mosque [Adapazari-Central]
Goodwill Mosque [Adapazari-Central]
HASIRCILAR Mosque [Adapazari-Central]
İhsaniye Mosque [Adapazari-Central]
Independence Mosque [Serdivan-Central]
Gardener Street Fountain [Adapazari-Central-Republican District]
Fountain Street Kömürpazarı [Adapazari-Central]
Inonu Street Bath [Adapazari-Central]
Banks Street Bath [Adapazari-Central]
34 Units Housing [Adapazari-Central (Alicanlar House-II, Suat Kızılkaya House, etc.).]
The shop is 45 pcs [Adapazari-Head (Asim A. Kuriş Unkapanı Shop, Furnace Pırıldar Pirinçpazarı Fadil, Zechariah, the shepherds Pirinçpazarı shop, etc.).]
1 Item Bank [Adapazari-Central (Turkish Commercial Bank)]
1 Piece Hotel [Adapazari-Central]
In contemporary martyrdom-Adapazari Cemetery (Cemetery Yorgalar) [Adapazari-Central]
Dağdibi Cemetery [Adapazari-Dağdibi District]
Emirdağ Cemetery Mausoleum of Ibn Zayd al [Adapazari-Central]
30 Piece Plane [Adapazari-Central (Independence Street Rod' At)]
1 Piece Plane [Adapazari-Suleymanbey Village]
1 Piece Suspended [Adapazari-Central (Uzuncarsi' A)]
Fountain House-I Alicanlar
Gardener Street Fountain
Heads Fountain Street
Fountain Street Bezirci
Fountain Bostancıoğlu
Planter Fountain Street
Day Street Fountain
Fountain Central Mosque


Residential district of Adapazari:

Neighborhoods: Raiders of the Republic, Çukurahmediye, Gulluk, Hızırtepe, Independence, Karaosman, Independence, Maltepe, Mithatpaşa, Medium, Poets, Papuçcular, Sakarya, the War of Independence, Sugar, Şirinevler, goats, Tepekum, Tığcılar, Tuzla, Yahyalar, Yağcılar, Yenicami, Newborn, Yenigün, Acıelmalık, Alandüzü, Alancuma, Camili Çaltıcak, Çamyolu, Dağdibi, Goktepe, Harmantepe, Roosters (Kadikoy), İkizce, (Muslim), İkizceosmaniye, Karaman, Karapınar, Karakamış, Korucuk, Mahmudiya, Suleymanbey, Taşkısığı, Evrenköy , Central, Yenimahalle, Bonding, Celebi, Çerçiler, Çökekler, Doğancılar, Hacıramazanlar, Karakoy, Kasımlar, Kurtbeyler, Rustemi, Gizzard.

Villages: Village Abalı centuries, the village, Bilecik Village, knots Village, Büyükhataplı Village, Cascade Village, Demirbey Village (İcbaliye), Apple Village, the Pilgrims Village Lights Village, Ilyaslar Village, Karadavutlu Village, Karadere Village, Kavaklıorman Village, Kayrancık Village, Barracks Village, Komurluk Village, Bridgehead Village, Küçükhataplı Village, Nasuhlar Village, Örentepe Village, Poyrazlar Village, Salmanlı Village, Left-Handed Village, Turnadere Village, Yesilyurt Village.